Super Mario Brothers The Movie: One Of The Worst And Why

[Yes, I know I usually do career and citizenship posts here.  But part of a good career and good citizenship is not making terrible movies.  In the light of Scott’s analysis of Super Mario Brothers, I wanted to put in my own two cents on why the film was awful. …

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Thoughts On The Psychology of Crowdfunding


We’re no strangers to Kickstarter here. Hell, Rob is writing his own series on the experience (which you should be seriously reading just for the resources). Our friends are using Kickstarter. I interview people using Kickstarter. There’s also other sources of fundraising. There’s Indiegogo. There’s Rockethub. There’s specialist sites from …

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Lost in Translation – August Link Roundup

Cracked looks at movies being remade. The article is a month old, but the list has Point Break, Day of the Dead, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and two separate Jungle Book adaptations. Point Break will remove the surfing element, replacing it with extreme sport, thus making the title an artifact. League is being …

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An Look at Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV

Nice roundup at Boing Boing for your thoughts. I’ve got to say Roku sounds like they’re coming out ahead here.  I’m also wondering how they stand politically – independent or in danger of a buy-out? Still, maybe it’s time to send them a resume. – Steven