NetFlix Boosts SOPA Supporters

In a recent filing with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), Netflix revealed that it has created its own political action committee called FLIXPAC, designed to support anti-piracy measures in Washington and the candidates that favor them.

via SOPA supporters await cash infusion from Netflix PAC | The Raw Story.

And you thought super-PACs were just limited to conventional politics? Nope – they’re part of the technology space as well, and they’re only going to get more influential now that the donation limits for such things have been lifted.

This comes hot on the heels of former MPAA veep Paul Brigner turning his back on SOPA as being the wrong solution to piracy and copyright issues.

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  • Steven Savage

    Yeah, I’m still figuring this one out. Because Netflix is no stranger to doing bad public moves I’m not assuming they learned their lesson in doing stupid stuff. At the same time they may want a voice over the competition in the industry – which is understandable. This may be a “gateway” to other issues.

    Me, I’m keeping an eye out.

    The Bringer news is interesting.