News of the North – Dec 19

Google is working on a project to preserve the pre-tsunami memories of Japan. The company is asking for pictures and videos from people who lived in the affected area to be posted on the site, Memories of the Future.

French company Atos is aiming to phase out internal email by 2014. Replacing email will be instant messaging, video conferencing, Facebook, and software like LiveMeeting. Might work. However, this is just going to transfer the time spent on email over to the other methods. Video conferencing is going to require more work to coordinate than just sending info out to the required people. Facebook introduces a risk of leaks.  Hopefully, Atos will follow up in 2014 on how well the phase out went.

Locally, a group of parents are trying to get Wi-Fi removed from schools, citing the World Health Organization reclassifying RF energy as possibly carcinogenic. WHO's findings run counter to Health Canada's, though; HC maintains that the frequencies aren't dangerous.  Some of the reasoning is correlative, though not causative.

Twitter received a $300 million boost from Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's investment company. Kingdom Holding Company, who also has stakes in Apple and News Corp, looks like it wants to take advantage of the increasing number of Arabic users on Twitter. Might be worth keeping an eye on Twitter in the near future to see how things shake out.

Some RIM shareholders are wondering if the Blackberry should be ditched to keep the company afloat. The idea is that RIM would continue with its Blackberry network, opening it to current smartphone rivals for a fee. Could be a fallback position for the beleaguered company.

–Scott D

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Scott Delahunt writes on Translations and Remakes.

Scott Delahunt

Scott Delahunt writes on Translations and Remakes.
  • Tamara Hecht

    Instant messaging within a company is a MESS! I used to work for a company that insisted on using such a thing. There was no prioritization because everything was expected to happen all the time, instantly. Chaos.

  • Scott D

    Phones can be managed (if ignoring them can be considered managing). Emails can be sorted using filters. IM… other than turning it off completely, is unmanageable. Video conferencing is no different than setting up a meeting, except no need to book a meeting room. I hope Atos does release updates on the experiment. For a 80k employee company, email may be one of the more mission critical applications.