Muse Hack In Transition!

OK Folks, as noted MuseHack is going through some changes!  Here’s what’s up!

My work is going to be moving over to my writing site The Informotron.  I’m going to expand it just beyond my press work to general writing and media.  Note that as of 7/25 it’s still in transition, so give it awhile.

Scott Delahunt is on break, but he’s going to be moving to the Seventh Sanctum for Lost In Translation, and let’s just say there’s a surprise coming.  Scott’s not stoping – in fact it may be the beginning . . .


– Steven Savage

Lost in Translation – July News Round-Up

CG Peanuts movie to use classic comics for thought bubbles. The CGI animated Peanuts feature will pay homage to the original comic strip through the use of the classic comics in thought bubbles. Dan Aykroyd excited as Ghostbusters reboot starts filming. Aykroyd, who was the co-creator of the original movie …

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Lost in Translation – The History of Adaptations – 1970-79

The History of Adaptations Twenties Thirties Forties Fifties Sixties Welcome to the history of adaptations.  I’ve been looking at the top movies of each decade, analyzing them to see which ones were original and which ones were adaptations, and of the adaptations, what the source material was.  I’m using the …

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